Don’t Panic and Always have a towel

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well tomorrow is my last day with the Ports of Auckland (I know, you all thought I’d be here forever). I’m off to take up a role as Technical Solutions Designer with vifx ( For me its an exciting new opportunity to specialise and dig my roots deeper into virtualisation, datacenter automation and storage, though the move is tinged with sadness in leaving such a unique place such as the port.

It’s been a hell of ride being imersed in the 24/7 365 world of the port and being involved in everything from storage to SQL, from Exchange to CCTV systems. Driving past monsterous rolling tonka toys and going up the quay side cranes is an experience you won’t find in an office block. Most importantly I leave behind a great team of guys who all mucked in together, had more than a few laughs and 4 consecutive Teched/Techfests together.

Now my focus is going to be on virtualisation, storage and of course the Cloud (Yes I have come to accept that the term is here, I’m just going to have to suck it up and use it like I mean it). Hopefully that new found focus will be reflected in this blog with a series of in depth posts, I’m weighing up what to focus on next, ideas anyone?

Anyway, thanks to the port and the team for a great four years, so long and thanks for all the fish and always have a towel close by.


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