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Remember my post from a few months ago where I announced my departure from the Ports of Auckland? Well it turns out that the call of the port is far too strong for me to ignore.

As such I’m returning back to the world of oversized Tonka toys and round the clock operations. Yep, you heard right, and it will be the exact same role that I left. A big thanks to the team and management at the Port for welcoming me back.

A lot of what I mentioned in my departure post all those months ago about what I would miss turned out to be true. On top of that, I’ve rapidly discovered that I miss the day to day “cut and thrust” of managing a complex IT environment with demands that only a true 24/7 operation bring.
Being the owner of an infrastructure platform and being ultimately responsible for it, were things I didn’t realise that I’d miss, but I have. If I make a decision or choice for that environment then I’m the one that has live with it, usually at 3am on a Sunday morning 😉

I’ve also longed to get back to the Datacore SanSymphony virtual SAN I deployed at the Port. I’ve caught up with my old team a few times since I left and their positive comments about SanSymphony reinforced my belief that it was the right choice for the Port. I certainly want to be around for the major hot upgrade to V and to see the benefits that the new version will deliver! Certainly I need to tick off my DCIE and upgrade training soon.

I think that also confirms that this blog will be focused on SanSymphony and vSphere from now on (though I can see AWS popping up here and there as well).

Anyway, roll on the return to the PoAL family, you can always leave the port but the port never leaves you.