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I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while now however I haven’t been away from Chef and Chef on Windows in the intervening period. In that time I’ve expanded the number of cookbooks and problems I’ve solved using Chef on Windows and thought I’d start posting some code samples and snippets that might be useful. Windows is a fundamentally different beast than Linux and there are unique challenges that after a while I’ve found patterns that solve these.

As such I’ve thrown up two Gists on Github onĀ  my profile. The first is a series of Powershell based guards that can be used in resources to control the execution of actions: chef-windows-guards

The second is a series of powershell_script resource scripts that fill in some gaps in the available resources: chef-windows-scripts

I hope to add others soon as I refine some of my thinking and practices. Also I’m keen for others to try them out and submit any changes or improvements.