Just call me Jack, Jack Of All Trades.

I’ve been up and down more technology stacks than I care to imagine and left imprints of my head in a lot of brick walls.

Right now this is my list of “things” that have captured my interest.

  • Devops, devops and more devops (the tools and the culture)
  • Powershell – If you’ve been a Windows admin for many years you’re probably rejoicing at the fact that we have a common shell interface now. How many years have we watched the Linux guys with envy as we battle with vbscript and batch files? And then DSC appeared and all was good in Windows….
  • Cloud (IaaS and PaaS) – I used to be a server hugger until one too many firmware dramas firmly put me in the camp that believes we have better things to be doing than firmware updates.

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